Geeta’s teaching

  Geeta last day: Back bends How important is this body instrument? It seems negligible.  Problems can only be in the body. Even a small tilt in the pelvis can lead to heart palpitations as we found out yesterday.  How you extend your toes? Where do you place the weight on your outer heels? One… Continue reading Geeta’s teaching

Geeta’s birthday

  Geeta birthday notes These are taken after the event and are all from memory.  I know they are incomplete.  It was very moving to listen to her talk about her father, her mother, and her life. We sang happy birthday to Geeta.  Abhi then said to her and to us – “we are going… Continue reading Geeta’s birthday

Notes from Pune

  12/4/18 Sheila and I sit in our hotel room reflecting on how it seems no time has passed since we were last together in India.  Typical to our experience here, our room is cluttered full of complicated light switches, and the hotel staff are the  kindest people imaginable.  Our room is clean, simple and,… Continue reading Notes from Pune