Prashant’s talk on open mindedness

Guruji said “Iyengar Yoga is for one and all

In my case it is me.  In your case it is you.

But what about the “all”

A restaurant has a menu and on the menu are many dishes, and flavors.  Some people like some of these, and some do not. What someone likes, you may not like.  What someone doesn’t like, you may like. But the restaurant serves it all. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it is removed from the menu.  

What happens when we are asleep? the delimitations fall aside.  The likes and dislikes, the young and old, the loves, the loathes, the polarities fall away.  

We all depend on our likes and dislikes to define us but these are all peripheral conditions.  

“Iyengar Yoga is for one and all” Guruji said.

Guruji studied with Krishnamurti.  He was a very critical man, an intellectual weightlifter.  How did he learn from him? He also taught sportsman who were interested in the corporeal advantages of yoga.  He taught them all.  He understood them all.

We are not able to reconcile our differences.  

You need to be open minded.

Don’t believe that it is JUST THAT that was taught to you.

What he taught was not what we learned,  and what we learned we learned.

When he was asked “Is that what you said sir ”” he would never give a positive nod.  

There is a huge gap in what was learned and what was taught by him.  Different people heard and saw differently. Therefore, we MUST be able to reconcile.

The sun is one and the same but it appears differently in the world.  In places it is scorching, and others it is not.

You have to have an open mind to study Iyengar Yoga.

We must understand this and certainly not misunderstand it.

We should not be so corrupt.

The  attitude of “what I learned is what he taught and what he taught is what I learned” is only our subjectivity and it will interfere with your open mind.

Don’t just love what you love and not let others love what they love.

Yoga is for one and all.