Geeta’s birthday


Geeta birthday notes

These are taken after the event and are all from memory.  I know they are incomplete.  It was very moving to listen to her talk about her father, her mother, and her life.

We sang happy birthday to Geeta.  Abhi then said to her and to us – “we are going to have a chit chat with Geetaji”


Geeta laughed and replied – I have never had a chit chat in all my life!


Abhi asked the first question: Do you love us Geetaji”

I definitely love you.  But my love is not of that kind, kissing and hugging etc.  I will just do namaste. I love those who come to me to learn from my heart.  And that’s a lesson I learned from Guruji. I love you and that’s why I can shout at you.  I shout at you because I love you. But if I”;m angry I shout and then still I teach. How to be done, what has to be done etc.   But definitely my anger is hidden behind that love, because it comes from my heart – you should get the whole information about it, not going half way.  That half mindedness and learning something is not acceptable to my heart, And that is why I take the freedom to shout at you and then I teach you. I inform you this is not the way, this is the way, that I am sure.

Do you miss your father?


Very much.  I was numb for one whole year.  Tears didn’t come in my eyes. I went to silence. Not one single tear.  My heart and lungs they were burning. When he died in the hospital Gurujis chest was in an elevated state and not sunken.  His legs were straight. I have never shared this with anyone.


I was always expecting him to be here on this birthday.   More than father and daughter, he was my guru. I always listened to him.  I was not well. We both went to Bellur in May. I was sick but didn’t want to die in front of his eyes.We went to China in July.  Guruji expired in August. There was no energy in me after he died.


I dreamt.  In a mountain temple with Patanjali temple.  I was cleaning the feet of the statue.Guruji said he would do the puja.  He did the puja. I cleaned it.I brought flowers. He climbed the steps. Women of the temple were pouring water. I try to assist him. The priest says no you can’t come up.  Meaning I can’t go with him. I can’t die in front of his eyes. After the dream I got energy. It brought a different realization to me. Guruji brought this new understanding to me.  


In my next life I want the same parents.


Q: tell us about your mother


She was always very kind. My father was stern.  When he was in the room we had to be quiet, totally silent (she put her fingers to her lips in a gesture of closing them completely).  


Q: Were you born in Pune?


No, as is the custom, I was born in the same town where my mother was born.  Where my grandmother lived close to Bangalore. Our custom is the first born child is born in this place – the home of my mother.  My father was not there. He had malaria but had to give a yoga demonstration.


Q: Tell us about the photos in Gem for Women?


They were simple.  Guruji was there all the time when the photographs were taken.  He was correcting this and that. It was not like for him. He had to do his pictures alone.  He was always helping me.

He was practicing urdhva dandasana and I went to practiced opposite him so our feet touched.  He kept pushing his feet into my feet and I fell over backwards.  I asked him why?  He said, you must push your feet forwards in urdhva dandasana. 

Q: from Abhi: What can we do to make you happy?

All who have studied with Guruji.  Give a little shadow. Give a little light. After his expiring

I am reading his books and the depth of his writing is so deep for me.  I insist that all of you read his books. That will make me happy. If you read his books to under stand the depth of his knowledge.


These notes are from writing after the lecture.  They are by no means complete as I know I didn’t catch everything.